Founded a New Business? Apply For Grants For New Business and Raise Your Funds Today

Imagine being a business owner and making only a few sales each month. Before you open your own place or invest tons of money – establishment should be your number one goal.

The Internet is a great source for assistance concerning government grants. The best grant resources are usually agencies that have been listed by the government. Chances are, if you get rejected for a business loan – this isn’t the end of the world since you can still get help from these agencies.

Grants for a new business or a startup business are plentiful, but most organizations are looking for the right candidate to offer their grant to. If you are starting a business like selling guns or something that isn’t deemed as useful or is even dangerous to society can usually have you grant rejected in no time without even reading the second page of your proposal. Make sure you aren’t investing in anything illegal or not worthy of your time or anyone else’s.

Some states and local communities offer grants and also assistance for obtaining a grant. There are quite a few websites online which will refer you to the best agencies. These agencies will guide you on grants for new business and how to obtain a grant.

They will also provide a list of other resources you can seek for business grants. Try your luck with the U.S Small Business Administration and click on the page which says “Grants”. Here you’ll see many different links to the pages that contain grant details. You can also visit their help area for more information.

Motivation in Business and Reasons For Striving For Success in the Plumbing Business

Dear Readers,

I would like to talk a little about the state of the UK economy right now, and what we as business people can do to avoid major failure. Let’s take a little look at what’s happening. Over the last couple of years or so the government and large banking institutions have gambled with our money and lost, and I blame those people one hundred percent for the state of the economy right now. Here’s an example of one money drain on our economy, and negligence of this government to look after the people who they need to reward – not punish.

If you and your family sit down to eat your Sunday lunch and you suddenly get a knock on your door and 25 of your relatives turn up unexpectedly for lunch, you might need to go out and buy a few more groceries unless you can perform miracles. Here’s my point.

The massive influx of people (immigration) to this country, mostly with their hands held out for their free contributions has meant that the working people here are required to pay more. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a race issue…this is a people issue. Those people desperate to invade our shores are not wrong, far from it. Many are no hopers in their own lands, but gain a massive free boost as soon as they arrive on our shores. Who can blame them?

But, people already claiming for whatever reason, many through no fault of their own are not in a position to contribute to these new arrivals. What happens then is that those already contributing by way of taxes are simply being squeezed more. Businesses, people working and the wealth creators are being squeezed because of poor government policy.

The Australian government were wise to this 20 years ago, so too New Zealand, they closed their borders to people who were likely to be a massive drain on their resources. It is proven that more people suffer and for longer periods of time when governments do not have the courage to make a stand and say, enough is enough.

Businesses and workers foot the bill for this negligence and in my view any attempt to counteract our own decline because of this neglect is crucial. We have to take a good look at where all our money is going. This means striving for extra discounts from others to fulfil our own obligations. We need to pass on this hardship to others in business if we are to survive.

I absolutely refuse to pay “top whack” for anything and will be relentless in my pursuit of keen prices. An example of this was when the Thomson Local representative arrived to sign me up for the yearly advertising package. I advised him to provide me with his “best price” straight away because I’m not prepared to haggle. I explained that he had one chance only.

I’d already explained to him that in 2007 I did exactly the same thing and decided not to advertise at all that year because I was not convinced that they were actually the best deals I could get.

Anyway – 50% reduction. Much less than I’d ever paid.

It takes courage to not advertise for a year in a book your know produces good results, but it is a bargaining tool you can use to great effect. You are laying a foundation stone of uncertainty for every sales rep you ever get walking through your door. Often they already know that you are willing not to book…just on past history.

Yes, it hurts others. Yes, it’s ruthless. Yes, often businesses go out of business. In my own area of Swindon 9 plumbers merchants have ceased trading in the past year. Swindon itself is now generally accepted to be the most in decline town/city in the entire UK, ahead of Hull in the north.

Many of my competitors in plumbing have gone out of business. The hard core are still working, and the elite are still earning more and thriving.

Lessons need to be learned, and those people who are wise enough to realise that all they need to do is copy a winning method of working – they also will flourish. I am extremely busy, flat out in demand. It is NOT because I’m a better plumber, but because I work in a different way to most people.

My priorities allow me to set important targets and expectations. I use a strategy that works and a system that will always provide me with a great lifestyle.

This blog is for all those people who wish to be inspired in the plumbing business. We all need inspiration and I take much of mine from the people I meet. I listen to many elderly people especially because those people have a longer story to tell.

Many of them have done things in life that we can only guess at. Motivation to selflessly endure harrowing living and fighting conditions in two major world wars are testament to their own determination.

Women and girls grafting and manufacturing weapons whilst attempting to feed entire families on scraps of food; receiving devastating news of loved ones killed in battle and having to carry on just the same.

These acts of determination to win at all costs in a way underlines why we should make every effort to be successful. It would all be a complete waste of life and effort if we did not fulfil our own obligations and make sure we work as hard as we can to provide a better life for our families.

This is what it’s all about. It’s not just about money and wealth. It’s about doing the best we can because otherwise we are neglecting our responsibilities to the very people who gave us our freedoms to choose.

This day, I’m reminded of the sacrifices the people of this country made.

Your success relies on you to work harder; it is in your hands, nobody else’s. At times we feel a little low and it is only human nature to be a little less motivated. There are times when events happen that makes us realise the important things in life. Family and friends is what really matters and of course there are times when things become completely out of our control.

Sad times come and go, but it’s often the purposes we have to carry on that makes us stronger. Strength increases with our purpose. We need to have a reason to do the things that we do, otherwise it’s all a bit pointless.

Good Luck all you plumbers and aspiring plumbers out there.

Kindest Regards

Mike Forty (Plumber)

Business & Corporate Laws Govern Business and Commercial Transactions

Business and corporate laws are also respectively known as commercial and company laws. Both forms of law govern business and commercial transactions as well as the internal rules of business firms. Business laws refer to the laws involving contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency, and employment law among many others. Corporate law, on the other hand, studies the relation between businesses and consumers under the internal rules of the firm. Both provide the bodies of law that govern all business and corporate transactions whether in private or public.

Business law refers to the laws which are applied to business entities such as partnerships and corporations. These are used as reference when putting up businesses whether big or small – from sole proprietorship to corporation. Business laws specify how different business can be set up, how taxes apply to them, registrations, documentations and requirements; define different terms pertaining to business, making by-laws, and articles of organization among many others. These also provide the regulatory schemes on how commerce should be conducted.

Business law is applied to all sectors of businesses such as automotive, estate planning, health, law, intellectual property, litigation, employment and labor, business restructuring and business & corporate. It governs all business and commercial transactions whether private or public. Business law also covers other business issues such as starting, selling or buying other businesses, managing the business, dealing with employees and contracts to name a few.

Corporate law, on the other hand, involve the same laws and processes under business laws but have 5 defining characteristics which include:

  • separate legal personality of the corporation
  • limited liability of the shareholders
  • transferrable shares
  • delegated management
  • investor ownership

These are all applied largely for corporations which are publicly owned. Corporate law is applied to protect both company and shareholders’ rights especially if the corporation fails or is involved in legal matters. Corporate law can be traced back to the middle ages when medieval guilds were formed but not for common profit. It was also during this time that different forms of businesses such as partnership were developed.

Corporate law covers corporate governance that includes the corporate constitution, balance of power, corporate personality, capacity and powers, director’s duties, and corporate litigation. All of these are vital for the application of corporate laws. In addition, this also involves how shares, liquidations and dealings should be handled as well as in cases of corporate crimes, mergers, acquisitions and insolvency of the company.

Both business & corporate laws involve the details, rules and regulations involved in setting up businesses, choosing legal structures, recruiting & hiring, financing, paying of taxes, dealing with consumers and shareholders, solving issues, dealing with business and corporate crimes, and regulating all aspects involving commercial and corporation by-laws.

A Federal Rescue Plan Offers Debt Relief and Federal Grants to Businesses and Individuals in Need

A rescue plan has been devised by the Government Administration and it promises great leaps in terms of grant awards and guarantees both for businesses and individuals. The plan seeks to make available billions of dollars to help bob up the spending capacity of people and give a second lease to businesses that are near collapse. What the government has done is to make these funds available on demand by grant applicants. The plan is also a value-added to the strategy adopted by the economists to roll up economic activity, including tax incentives and low interest loans. The rescue plan is slowly gaining ground as more people take cue on how best to secure the grant and to where money should be directed.

For citizens with a lingering mortgage debt, the vision of having one’s home foreclosed is scary, and the psychological effect is not something to be ignored. Therefore, the rescue plan indeed rescues someone from the psychological trauma and allows him or her to have a peace of mind. In another case, a person fearing litigation because of huge, unpaid debts to credit companies similarly needs rescuing-first the physical exhaustion of having to look for cash to pay for the debts; second, the mental torture of thinking how to pay the debts; and third, the psychological distress caused by the fear of having to face legal actions. The debt relief grant then becomes a lifesaver to these citizens, a way to rescue the people out of misery.

Millions of ordinary citizens and business owners are expected to benefit from the rescue plan. The government has been up on its feet to meet the needs of applicants. While the process may seem to be discouraging as it could take days or weeks to finally get the grant, the debt relief grant offered by the government is the best thing to happen to credit holders and borrowers. We may not see the positive effects in the immediate future but the advantages of the rescue plan will demonstrate itself in more ways than what we expected, hopefully, sooner than later.

Business and the Economy in the United States

I have got to admit that I am a person who keeps his ear to the ground. The economy of the United States is hurting business in this country, and to say that we need to do something about it is understating the issue.

No I’m not asking the government to get involved I know that they can’t do anything about it. The idea is to get some people that still have the American spirit in them to take a chance. We need to bring industry back to this country in a bad way.

Back in the day a person would risk their own money to start a business, and they may also borrow some from a bank or an investor. The tax hikes, and the new tax laws are making it very hard for people to risk their money to start a business.

The whole idea of America is that people have the freedom to make their dreams come true. As I have said before with the current tax code, and politicians trying to punish the rich people investors are quickly exiting this country.

I don’t know if you have asked a bank to loan money on your business lately, but most of them won’t do it. You may get lucky enough to find a small local bank that will help you, but none of the big banks are loaning to small business right now.

When you really look closely at the economy, and the things that are making it bad you can’t really blame the banks for not loaning money right now. You have the government out there making the banks the bad guy is the situation by modifying home loans and making the banks lose money.

Then you have the government out there constantly trying to beat down the rich people. If you think about it these are the people who will be helping you get your business started unless you have all of the money to do it in your pocket right now.

Believe me if your start a business you will need the rich and successful people at some point in the process. If you think that going to the bank to get a loan for your business isn’t the rich helping you start your business then you better think again.

As an American I just get sick of hearing how bad the rich people are. The whole idea of the United States was to give your the freedom to build your dreams. It seems that if a person builds their dreams these days and becomes a success that they are the bad guy.

Well i just don’t buy it. Yes there are a few rich people out there who are doing horrible things with their money. But the bottom line is that the millionaire living down the street probably is just a normal guy that same as any other person, except that he is successful.

It’s difficult to start a business in this day and age with the government regulations, and money printing we never know what’s coming next. If you look at it the right way, we never really did know what was coming next that is the reason that starting a business is a risky process.

The truth is that the positive parts of it still out weighs the negative side, and if you have the vision, the fortitude, and the sheer guts to start a business, you could be one of the people who helps bring the economy back to this country.

Yes it’s hard to get money to start a business. That is because of the economy, and the fact that people are worried about the future. If you look at it in the right light we have been here before. Not quite to this degree but we always seem to get through the bad things in this country.

If you keep trying to get your dream started it will happen at some point. I have had things happen while trying to get my shop going that have made me want to quit trying. I do a very modest amount of business right now, but that will all change soon.

To end this little story. I had an investor about four years ago, and he pulled out saying that he had to protect his money, he had to hide it from the government. It has taken me this long to locate another investor because of the economy, and the nefarious things that the federal government is doing.

I now have a new investor who is working on getting my deal finished. Yes he is a rich person, and I appreciate that fact that he is rich because that means that he can help me get my dream moving. I never gave up and now good things are happening.

Yes the economy is bad, but sometimes we just have to take a chance on the fact that this is the United States OF America. We must keep trying, and never forget that it is those who persist that get the rewards in life. Nobody is going to make your dream happen for you.